Discalced Carmelites Nuns of Rochester

 The Vocation to Carmel

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Discerning the Call



When someone begins to discern a possible call to Carmel, she may find it a daunting thing to do. How to start? It is helpful to begin by asking yourself some questions: Do I find that I am attracted to a life of union with Christ and an apostolate of prayer? Does a life that is lived hidden from the world motivate me? Do I desire to unite myself to Jesus and to His Mother Mary for love of His Church? Am I zealous for the salvation of souls and the sanctification of priests?

God is calling women to Carmel. If you have pondered these questions, it may be that He is calling you. As in the days of St. Teresa, the Church needs women who wish to spend their lives for the sanctification of souls. Free from all interior and exterior distractions and worldly pursuits, Discalced Carmelite Nuns are women who seek to be totally united with Christ in a spirit of joy and adoration. We live under the protection of the mantle of the Our Lady of Carmel, embracing our vocation within the context of a small family which is our community of Sisters.

You are not alone in this quest. We accompany you every step of the way on your vocational discernment journey. Scroll down to find out how…

Process in Discernment

To arrive at being a fully professed Carmelite Nun involves a process that ensures you’ve truly come to know God’s will in your life. Though you are the principal person involved, there are also others who become a vital part of this process. Others like: Jesus, who is the One who calls you; your Carmelite community, who becomes the visible confirmation of your vocation, as well as others whom God places on your path.

Essential in this process are three main attitudes or dispositions: humility of heart, ardent love for God and an openness to be guided. The more you cultivate these within you, the more surely you will arrive at God’s will!

The process of Vocational discernment is divided into 5 stages. They are:.








Junior Professed


Solemn Profession

In Carmel I have come to understand my vocation. I have grasped like never before that I have a Heart… It is in that Heart that I have found my center and my dwelling place. My vocation is the product of the most merciful love of Jesus.
— St. Teresa of the Andes



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