Praised Be Jesus Christ!

Welcome to Carmel. The Discalced Carmelites of Rochester, New York are a monastic, cloistered Roman Catholic community, following the lifestyle of St. Teresa of Avila. Our roots are traced to the ascetical hermits of Mount Carmel in the Holy Land more than eight centuries ago. Like our forefathers we seek a life of total abandonment to God, through His Son, Jesus Christ, taking the Blessed Virgin Mary for our model and Mother.

Here at Carmel we live in enclosure, wearing the traditional Carmelite habit. We participate fully in the daily liturgy of the Church, living a simple existence of prayer, penance, manual labor and joyful community life.

The Lord Jesus is calling souls to follow Him along “the narrow way.” If you are a woman with an ardent desire to give all to Christ and His Church, in imitation of His Holy Mother Mary, God may be calling you to the contemplative, cloistered life. He may be calling you to Carmel.

Come and share in the peace and joy of our life, hidden with Christ, in God, for the salvation of souls. Come and see...

“O my Lord, of all the millions of people you have created, shouldn’t just a few of them give their complete attention to You?“
St. Teresa of Avila